Crash 2 Desktop going back to main menu

All I did was load my game up, then realized I wanted to check something that is only on the main menu. Did not even unpause the game, and went immediately to click go back to main menu once the game was loaded. Crashed instantly with the error in pic below.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load game, and wait till fully loaded in.
  2. Go to settings and click on go back to main menu button.

Expected Results:
The main menu will come up like it did when I initially loaded the game.
Actual Results:
Crash 2 desktop

I don’t know if it is reproduce-able, but seems like I can do it every time I have did just that. In both the 3177 & 3181, which are the only two that I loaded up thus far of the A19 builds. Was 3177 the first A19 build… as that is the one I mean is the first build and the current one.

Anyway I attached the log file of the session. If anything else is needed let me know. :slight_smile:

stonehearth.log (18.2 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A19 (3181)
System Information:
NE56R48u (Laptop model number)

@Tamorr, looking at your laptop model, it seems it is below the minimum specs for Stonehearth, specifically the integrated graphics card (Intel HD 2000) which is below the required Intel HD 3000.

We just had a similar report (error in the Horde3DEngine) here from a user with the same GPU.

Going to ping @yshan to check if this is an issue with your GPU, or if there is a bigger bug here.

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Well guess I am lucky I got it to run then. Wasn’t aware mine was of that model, since it doesn’t exactly say a number after the card.

Yeah that other post looks like the person was having trouble getting it to run. for me it runs. Just was something minor for myself that I notice happen when going back to main menu from a loaded game. If I don’t use the go back to main menu button then I can continue playing and just use the other button for exit to desktop; which functions fine.

Means I would have to reboot game if I were to get to main menu. Figure I would point those bits out if it wasn’t clear in the post. Anyway I hope she can figure out if it is what you say of the two things being either my system or something else. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I was able to run Stonehearth on an Intel HD 2000 some months ago (with graphics at minimum, poor performance, etc).

I think that the other crash might have been due to OpenGL drivers or just OpenGL version supported.
Anyway, if the minimum version is 3000, it’s because there’s a reason for it :slight_smile:

We can’t do much about it if the specs are under the minimum.

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