Cooks that farm

Do cooks that take a break from the kitchen to play in the dirt gain the benefit of the abilities they’ve unlocked as a farmer? Mainly wondering about Bountiful Harvest. The speed increase would be nice, but not benefiting from Bountiful Harvest would mean your cooks are actually setting your food production back by harvesting vs. level 3+ farmers.

Edit: Sorry if this has been asked in the past for some reason I’m getting a blank white page with {“errors”:[“param is missing or the value is empty: q”]} when I hit the magnifying glass to search.

Unless someone was sneaky and changed things, all profession skills gained by one class get turned off when you promote to a new class.

Edit: With the exception of the general level up HP gain


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I can verify that cooks do not get a benefit from this. The relevant line of code checks specifically the current job when determining whether to harvest 2 or 1 from a crop:

if job_component and job_component:curr_job_has_perk('farmer_harvest_increase') then

I suspect other perks are checked in a similar fashion, though it’s possible some are considered regardless of whether it’s the current job (though the job_component doesn’t have a generic has_perk function for checking any job, not just the current one).


Well dang, always thought it was a boon to have cooks help out with the farming, but not so sure now. On the plus side if you have a low number of hearthlings, having your cooks do double duty is a plus. If you have a higher number then they’re actually setting your food production back.

Thanks for the responses though. :slight_smile:

It’s also kind of a weird system, as I’m discovering as I look at the code right now (which is why I was able to give such a specific response so quickly). Each farmer beyond the 7th that you have (assuming all farmers either have or don’t have the level 3 perk) will harvest an extra basket from an 11x11 field, if they’re harvesting it at the same time (assuming 10 stacks per basket, which I think it standard). Baskets can be used in cooking regardless of how many stacks they have, so if you for some reason had 66 farmers/cooks simultaneously harvesting a full cornfield, regardless of whether they had the perk, you’d get 66 baskets of corn (that are 10% stacked), which you could turn into 33 corn meal. A single farmer/cook without the perk would get 6 fully-stacked and 1 partial basket, allowing you to craft 3 corn meal. A single farmer with the perk would get 13 90% stacked baskets and a 10% basket, from which you could craft 7 corn meal.

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What tha?! I mean who has 7 farmers? I keep 2 farmers and 2 cooks with a 30 hearthling cap and I feel like that’s excessive at times. Also seems like a bunch of gibberish that is just taking up unnecessary space. Kinda makes ya wonder how much random stuff is hiding in the code lol.

@Wouter_Sikkema has a couple mods that could easily result in more than 7 farmers, especially if you have a population of 50+: More Realistic Farming, which makes farms grow ~3x slower, and Nordlings, whose base worker class is a farmer.

So yeah, it’s unusual and it makes no sense that anyone would ever have 66 farmers, let alone having them all harvesting the same field at exactly the same time, it’s just a kind of weird implementation. If a crop stacked to significantly more than 10, or if your farm fields are significantly smaller than the default 11x11 (imagine a 5x5 farm that only has 15 crops growing in it instead of 66), you can run into these edge cases with much fewer farmers.

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