Cook issues/bug

Two problems with the cook. First, refuses to build workshops (e.g. oven). Second, refuses to recognise placed workshop in the build menu (i.e. unmet requirement: placed workbench). Save attached here.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote cook.
  2. Try any cook tasks.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A21 Release 707, no mods

@eeconyn, I don’t see the savefile attached in your post, could you try again? (8.5 MB)

@Relyss, sure I’ll try again here.

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Your cook doesn’t have enough level to craft the oven yet, it seems. (So I don’t understand how was the oven in your Communal Kitchen crafted, did you insta-build?).

Which recipes do you see that he refuses to recognize the placed workbench?
Your cook doesn’t have enough level for most of the recipes in the food category.

UPDATE on the below
Weird… As soon as I did a save to grab the files below and unpaused, the potter went right ahead and built the kiln. I’ll see if I can reproduce this in a clearer save.

I did insta-build after switching around the cooks to different guys to see if anything would trigger it to start again. I’ve just started a new game and I’m getting the same issue with the potter and the kiln (which doesn’t require any levels). They’ve built the wheel so that’s working.

I’ve followed the crafter in both cases around after promoting them to see what happens and they seem to be picking up the materials, then ‘forgetting’ the task and just doing idle/haul tasks.

Here’s the new save with the potter bug. (8.5 MB)

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