Workers won't build and potter doesn't craft anything

So I had a template ready and clicked on start build. The builders started to build as usual, but then they stopped. I had this multiple times already in stonehearth though for a fairly long time anymore. I had enough resources though they were just idling around. I instant built that building because for me being lazy :stuck_out_tongue:.

Then I started to build a road. Didn’t work either. Then I came to a conclusion that my potter didn’t craft anything even though there were orders.

I saved the world and restarted the game. When I came back to that world I got this error:

Here is some more evidence:

Here is the save file:
Save File
Hope someone can help! :slight_smile:

Does reloading fix the potter?
Can he get to the clay and to the workbench?

No it does not

Yes, I had a worker take down the kiln and replace it again so it must be reachable

The link for your savefile asks for permission :sweat:

Save File
does it work now?

Yes, thanks! :slight_smile:

They can’t reach the clay because it is trapped with your blacksmith under a building! :scream:

You need to mine to get more clay.

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OH crap! I did not think that would’ve happen! Thank you for your help! :merry: