Construction bugs - Found one cause... Weaver is lazy... he wont work


My hearthling, Vehil Megas, wanted to be a weaver all his life… So, I granted his wish.

Now the lazy scummer wont work. He bumms about not weaving or doing hauling jobs. Hes the only minion of mine still at level 4.

His house is the standard weavers house on Rayya.

Ill try moving his equipment incase its a access issue.

however, does anyone know whats going on there?

Try to delete everything in his crafting queue and then add what you want to craft.
Coulkd be a queue bug

found it, he couldnt access the weaving materials. so instead if telling me he napped…:frowning:

This is a design flaw rather than a bug, I’d say (though there are bugs that directly relate to this).
We’ll be revisiting crafting in A23, so we’re currently looking at these issues. There are many instances of crafters stop crafting that we need to fix.

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