Weaver doesn't work

Well as mentioned in the title and seen in some older threads, the weaver doesn’t work for me…
I can que up items and remove them, i can change the person i can move around the workshop. but the weaver just ignores his weaver tasks. It’s as if he doesn’t recognise them.
He still fucntions normally, just not as a weaver…

The reason i make another topic about it is to make sure this gets acknowledged as an active bugg.

here’s the error i get:

hey there @Sweeck … so you can start up a brand new game, and move directly to promoting a weaver (after all the necessary prereq steps are taken)… and right off the bat, the unit will not perform any tasks? :confused:

you don’t have any mods loaded? do you have anything else “significant” happening while trying to issue commands to the weaver?

hey steve, long time no see xD
But yes the way you skecth it is indeed how it is for me… Nothing significant at the time no…


I can agree with you, only if you tell me in which build number did you experience this :wink:

develop-2310 was the version. I always run the latest one available just so i can get as many buggs as possible and try to solve/work-around/recreate them and report.
It helps everyone!


This isn’t a bug but when I created my weavers they wouldn’t work either. I eventually realized that they are initially not set to do weaver work. Instead I had to click the jobs tab and check the box under the job column while unchecking the boxes under haul and build. I don’t know why the job column wasn’t checked by default but it wasn’t. Now my weavers all work.

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