Confused about re embarking

I was under the impression we could carry over our Tier 2 and tier 3 hearths and keep the bonuses? but atm i cant select my “The Guildmasters skill” or “hearth of cheer” for use in re embarking.

This is the intended behavior. Only banners can be physically carried over. Hearths are exclusive. Shrines can’t be carried over but their recipe unlocks carry over within each faction.

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Ah kk, I swore someone said you could carry over there benefits. I might just be insane

I’m a little confused, maybe there’s a misunderstanding.
As I understand from @Rabid_Llama answer here and @malley here, we have the opportunity to get all three banners, three fireplace and three monuments with their buffs.

Some of that info is outdated. The description I posted above is exactly how it works at the moment and will continue to work in 1.0. With the exception of faction exclusivity of recipes. To be precise, RC/NA recipes won’t carry over to the Ascendancy, but Ascendancy ones will carry other to the other two for technical reasons. That may change before 1.0.

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it would be awesome to make it possible to unlock all recipes threw reembarking


Is this for technical reasons, or “gameplay experience” (i.e. making each choice unique) reasons?

If it’s technical complexity then fair enough, I imagine that chunk of code wouldn’t be the easiest thing to rewrite. If, however, I’m assuming wrong and it’s actually simple to get it working, then I reckon most players will want the ability to carry over at least their monuments.

IMO it’s kind of an “all or nothing” situation – if all three are unique choices then that’s easy to understand, but if some can and some can’t be stacked or carried over then most players are just going to think “why this and not that?”

What are the chances of being able to mod in multiple stacking buffs like this? Say someone wanted to mod it so that there was a fourth option “This town is big enough for all three patrons!”, would that require major engine changes or just digging around in Lua?


My opinion is that the same should not stack. The buffs must be unique, but they can be from different kingdoms. Three different banners, three different fireplaces and three different monuments.
@DaniAngione If this is not a technical limitation, can it be implemented in ACE?

The only part that’s done for technical reasons is that you can’t carry over NA/RC recipes. Changing that now is a bunch of work and may break all old savegames. The rest is to make the choices meaningful. It’s trivial to mod the hearth and shrine bonuses to carry over.

None of this is anywhere near the engine.


It’s still possible to completely break the compatibility before the release :slight_smile: It’s just a matter of time, unfortunately

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