[Con] [r256 (x64] No Flag, No Money

Just found a weird error by mistake, with no error codes popping up. Apparently if you don’t have your flag mounted, traders will still accept your items you sell them, just won’t give you any money for them.

I had attempted to move my flag, but for some reason it went to a stockpile instead. Upon selling SEVERAL items, I noticed my gold was still at 0. This is when I realized the flag was still a ghost, and had not been placed. So I replaced the flag, sold an item, and BOOM, I only got the money for the item sold after the flag was placed.


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They deliver the money/items to your flag, if your flag isn’t placed you don’t get anything.

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you can get 1-2k gold in 2 days. i have 2.8k gold. and dont even need it. i have 21 villager in my town. i just save some money to bad days.

That’s rather irrelevant to the topic, isn’t it? Hahah. @petrustolli :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds similar to a bug I’ve experienced (And I’m sure many others have) when trying to move most any other items. I’ve don’t know a workaround for this, unfortunately… Aside from a fresh game and not decommissioning or moving objects like the flag (unless you really have to).
Seems like it’s directly related to the replacement of objects bug though,(which commonly happens to me, being so common, I’d assumed it was already posted) which has been around for a bit to my knowledge(at the very least the past two patches). Though most of my issues with it have been with tables/beds(those being what I try to move the most), interesting to know it happens with the flag too… Never had it with that, and evidently it causes some more prominent game issues on top of that… Huh…

Did you try to ‘move’ your flag? Or decommission it? (i.e. Green arrow, or Red Arrow when the selection came up?)
Also, was it potentially blocked by other objects? (Including stockpiles, buildings, other placeables?) Or was it absolutely in the clear open?

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Nothing was blocked, as the flag was placed in a stockpile literally right next to where I wanted the flag placed. But for some reason, it was picked up from it’s previous location, placed in the stock pile, and the ghost location remained. I simply just told it to replace it, and everything was fine, but I thought it was a slight error that things were still able to be sold when no money could be given for them.

thanks for the report and confirmation folks… [tagged] :+1:

just place flag where you want. then place so many trapper area to the woods that you can get much leather and food. then just sell them. in 2-3days, you get over 1k gold easy. i did that.

easier yet, just make dressers, worth 50 gold apiece, and only 1 piece o’ wood to make, though it will take time away from your carpenter, and then the chance of getting fine dressers…

or just wooden shields, 30gold each.

true, but out of all the items the carpenter makes dressers are worth the most, to my knowledge at least.

edit: at least for ones that only take 1 wood.