[NaB] Selling Items doesn't acquire Gold

you don’t actually get gold when you sell items to the traders

What version are you using? When I sell things, piles of gold appear near my banner. It takes a minute for the hearthlings to actually move it into stockpiles.

10.5 the newest update im pretty sure

As greene said, it takes a minute or so (depending on how busy your Hearthlings are) for them to move the gold to a designated stockpile. As long as it isn’t in the stockpile, you don’t see it in the town inventory. Could that be the reason?

If not, then you have been ripped off, and I suggest you send out your footmen to bring justice to the dirty cheating scoundrel trader.

it never gets added to inventory, i tried selling something again this morning

@Sir_Broseph: Do there happen to be any error popups occurring while selling?

no error pop ups, just never recieve gold

The only thing that I can think of is to make sure that your town banner is placed with space around it to receive items. If you buy (if you have any gold, that is) do the items appear around the flag?

i have never been able to aquire gold so i don’t know

Do your have your town banner deployed in the world? Right now, the game tries to place the gold under the town banner, so if the game can’t find the banner, it won’t place the gold.


is it the blue flag you start with cause if so i do

@Sir_Broseph Yes, it is the blue flag. The items should be being placed under there, so if they aren’t then that’s not good. Can you post a screen shot of the banner and its surroundings? (a copy of your save file would help too). Thanks!

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i don’t know how but my flag was put in inventory lol geez how embarrasing


No worries! :smile: