Con] [r156] Double door bug

After loading the double door looks as in the attachment bellow. Sometimes the bug is corrected by itself after a while and it returns to normal. I do not know why or how, it always seems to correct itself when im not looking

Steps to reproduce:
1)Bbuild house with double doors
2) The worker puts the double doors in the incomple house( I have only had it happen to my in uncomplete houses)
3) Save and load

Expected Results:
For the door to remain normal and not do this.

Actual Results:
Door frame stands a few blocks in front of its previous location, the door sections float on either side of the frame

They useally also stop building the building, but I think that is a different bug. One that has already been reported by someone else.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha r156 no mods


The same thing happend to me.

I’ve noticed this. It seems to correct itself when someone actually walks through the door.


I can confirm this in both r156 and r162. Also, I have noticed this sometimes happens with the building instructions. The door to be built looks exactly like that shown above. This doesn’t prevent the door from being placed normally, but for the rest of the game, whenever you press the ‘b’ hotkey, you can still see a ghost that looks like that.

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