Door bug - multiple room house

There is a bug with doors.
when you build a house with draw floor
delete a row with the rubber
and then use grow walls
The wall in the house can not have a door through it.
It is a one side door to nowhere :stuck_out_tongue: No really, on one side there is a door but not on the other side of the wall.

Same house, same wall, one side with a door and the other side without door.


Same bug

while building

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How does that even make sense? That is so weird… Do the workers ever try to go through the partial door? Or the wall that has two holes on one side and a complete wall on the other?

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They won’t go through those uhmm Dr. Who doors.
They will get stucked on the side without door.

As of right now there is lots of bugs to doors being used inside and outside on multi-story builds. From what your posting right now. Twilight Zone Doors (My favorite) to doors being locked and unusable (after placement and was usable, then not), even hanging doors.

solution/workaround for this. Use the floor/slab to build your interior wall, leaving 3x1x4 opening to get through. the other way is to make the normal wall with door, then let them build w/o making the door from the carp. then go back and highlight door with console up and type destroy in it.

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THANK YOU, I wanted to use that name tag too but it did not come into my mind …