Door placed in invalid location

I encountered this bug while building a small house. You can place a door when he shouldn’t be allowed to be placed. When placed tough the door does not get placed on the location you selected. It’s a small bug and not really a nuisance, you can remove the door without any problem but since it’s a small bug and thus easy to miss I decided to report it anyways.

How to reproduce the bug: Create a 6 by 6 floor, place walls around it. Put a door in the
middle and place another door next to it.

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That’s unusual. Normally the game has plenty of detection for where you can place a door. If you place the door in the middle first, then your cursor will become a big red X when you try and mouse over any inelligible part of the wall to place another door.

I can see you have a hearthling with the head bug in the right of the screenshot. Maybe there is some bug in your save game that is causing the door problem. Can you reproduce the door problem with a new game? If you can, please detail exactly how large the building needs to be for the bug to occur and exactly what method you used to place the doors.


I retried to reproduce this bug with a new save game. The result is the same.

How to reproduce the bug:

-Create a 6x6 floor
-Place walls around it
-Place a wooden double door in the middle of a wall
-Try to place a wooden double door next to it. Even tough there is a big red cross, if you try to place awooden double door next to it he gets placed anyways.

This also works with a 7x7 floor, then you can place another wooden double door by clicking
right next to the other door or one block further or with a 8x8 floor, then you
can place another wooden double door by clicking right next to the other door,
one block further or two blocks further.

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Ah, I see at least one occurence of this bug now.

I can get it to occur by placing a door (of any kind) near the right-hand end of the wall and then trying to place another door to the right of that. Despite having an X cursor, it lets me click there (I hear a clicking noise) and then a door will appear jammed into the corner.

If you place a door with plenty of room on either side, but click on a space right next to the door, it will push the new door far enough away so that there is a tile of wall between the doors. It seems like it’s this exact bit of code that is malfunctioning in a very specific circumstance.


Paging @Ponder then, so he can note down this corner case.

see what I did there?

Although it really looks bad to place a door there, maybe it is intended that you can. I guess not, but I’m not sure that it’s a fix they’d prioritize.


@leeuw - Welcome to the forum and thanks for the bug report! This has been fixed for the next patch.