[Con] [R114] [STEAM Client] Floating gifts around campfire

Summary: Accepting gifts from caravan/travelers when the items are placed around the campfire some appear above the campfire and are unable to be moved.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Receive notification of a trade request.
2) Receive more than 3 items as a trade.

Expected Results: Items would all be moved off to various locations for storing.

Actual Results: Sometimes and item will remain levitated above the campfire unable to be retrieved.

Notes: Further multiple gifts received after this point appear to correctly be laid upon the ground and moved.


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i do believe i made that one for the last release but good to know its still there

This appears to be in R118 but at present the villagers are able to move the gifted object.

[EDIT] Got 8 baskets of turnips from a caravan and 1 remains floating above the campfire. Unable to be moved.

work around us to move the firepit then they will move the basket to the stockpile

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Still in R393 (but as @digitalFatteh said, the villagers do move the objects by now).

36:02; I notice a few seconds later.

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