[NaB] Hearthlings Spurn Fire Pits

Fire Pit no longer being used

Upon accepting a trade from a caravan to give me a fire pit in exchange for some berry baskets, the new fire pit was placed on top of my current on. Much to my chagrin, none of my hearthlings picked it up to place it in a stockpile. After waiting about five minutes, I decided to see if putting in a command to place it would resolve this. Alas, it did not. Now I’ve come to discover that not only will my hearthlings not move the second fire pit, it also seems to be preventing them from placing wood into the initial one to start a fire.

Steps to reproduce:
Accepted a caravan trade offering a fire pit in exchange for (three?) baskets of berries.
Upon noticing that the hearthlings were not placing the new fire pit into a stockpile, I put in a command to move it from its location above my current fire pit into a spot a few steps away.

Expected Results:
That my hearthlings would be happy with my effort to provide them more light and place the new fire pit.

Actual Results:
They spurned my offers of light by not only totally ignoring the new fire pit, but also refusing to even use their starting one any longer.

Versions and Mods:
Release 393 (x64). No mods.

I’d attach a screenshot, but after digging around to figure out where Steam saved them I got told that new users lack that capability.

There are a couple of ways around this.

  1. Move the deployed item that’s on the ground to a different location. The item in the air will fall down and the hearthlings will be able to get it.
  2. Build a ladder up to the item in the air. They’ll go up the ladder and get it.
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i don’t know about the new user rule (must be new?) but what you do is, you take a screeny in game (F12 generally) then once you close the game, take a look at steam (the client, not the file map) and you should see them appear, the click save to disk or upload (upload will only upload to your Steam Cloud library (as far as i know)

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new users lack that capability.
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All: Thank you for the welcome. Given druha’s reply, I suppose a picture isn’t necessary at this point.

druha: Much appreciated. Moved the starting fire pit, the second one dropped and my hearthlings no longer spurn the light.

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my hearthlings almost never sit by the fire pit any more not for the last few updates i wonder why?

my stands sometimes at the firepit at day and resting/idle … ^^ if i replace it the going back on work ^^

well if you have jobs for them to do, they will do them instead of lounging around the fire.

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Yeah, I guess the firepit got stuck over the first firepit and somehow it prevented to place the wood there. This is a bug but I see it more like a side effect. I’ll tag it as NaB but maybe we should merge it somewhere else. Probably there are reports about the floating items.

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haha very true 8bit im a slave driver :smiling_imp:

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