Bundles given to you has some issue

so i accepted this bundle from a traveler and it was rabbit jerky but i could nit get to one why it was above my fire pit

Steps to reproduce:

  1. accept a gift of some sort and hope that it lands on the fire pit

Expected Results:does not land on the fire pit

Actual Results:floating above the fire pit not able to get it

Attachments: 22:03

Versions and Mods:Alpha 4/no mods

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I would not say that it is not a bug, because it is. But you can get the item by moving the firepit.
Good video btw.

This happens quite often. Maybe the bundles should be left a bit further from the firepit or something, to avoid get stuck like that.

best thing to do is move your flag away from everything else giving the flag a 7 x 7 area for itself. that seems to fix alot of that stuff for me.