[Con] [Bug] Alpha 5 - First Quest Graphic glitch

Summary: When you build a stockpile before the Quest tells you too, then the quest gets stuck at 7/8 logs (even if you got enough logs in the stockpile). You can still complete the quest. Also a yellow frame in the top left corner appears.

Steps to reproduce: Start a new game in peaceful mode, with the little tutorial.

Versions and Mods: Version Alpha 5 (144) - No Mods

System Information:
Windows 8.1 | Intel® Core™
i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz | 8GB system memory | Intel® HD Graphics 4000
(4.0.0 - Build


I believe this was just mentioned?

Same error?

Edit: Ignore This

Not based on the reported info, @Silas - this just a UI glitch, as opposed to an error message popup etc.

Ah, gotcha. My bad! Thanks :smile:

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