[Con] [144] Attempt to call a nil Value / New Game

Summary: When starting a new game with a new world I stepped out of the boundaries of the help text and created a stockpile zone before harvesting trees. This caused an Error screen [see attached] to occur. After getting the require 8 logs the game asked me to create a stockpile.

Steps to reproduce: [Unable to reproduce initial Error window]
1) Start new game [Normal]
2) Place Villager town flag
3) Accept ‘quest’
4) Created stockpile before actually requested to do so.

Unable to reproduce as when starting a second new game no Help popups occur nor acceptable quests.

Expected Results:
When starting a new game I expect to see the tooltips once more.

Actual Results:
no tooltips.

unable to recreate the Nil Value bug as tooltips no longer show on new game.



I can confirm the error, but not the precise reasons for it (just didn’t check properly :stuck_out_tongue: ). Doesn’t seem to harm anything though.

Edit: image of the “detailed” version:


I too did something outside of the suggested actions at the start (although it wasn’t the stockpile before harvesting thing) and got this same message.