[Con] All villagers stuck in the ground

I think it’s stored in a particular save, so that you can load as many times as you like, you’ll get the citizens stuck in the ground every time. (See the start of the video attached below.)

If it helps, here are two saves where it happens, to me. In the former, all my citizens are stuck; in the latter, my carpenter and trapper are spared somehow (and they don’t seem altogether concerned about the lot of his fellow citizens). In the second save, also note Lorna on the ladder to the scaffolding of the house that’s being constructed.

Save 1

Save 2

Also my log files after the second save.

stonehearth.log (8.1 KB)

Pretty high priority bug, if you ask me. It’s broken my only two games so far within an hour of play (well, combined with the UI freeze bug that caused me to save and load in both cases).

Oh, I also got an error message like @Aron0621 mentioned/showed each time, which can also be seen in the video, but it was slightly different. Again, the first save is shown at the beginning; the second save at the end, as it is what made me end up stopping the recording.


thanks for the report @Aron0621, and all the confirmations folks…

and thanks as well for the savegames and logs @Phagocytosis, that should help immensely! :smiley: :+1:


This bug it’s a curse in itself. Thank you very much for the new information / ideas, @Phagocytosis :+1:

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tis no bug, you angered the goblins and they sent a message XD

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We’re trying to repro this too. Were the people carrying stuff when you saved/loaded?

potentially (somewhat) related issue:

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Have you looked at the second save game I attached? Lorna is on the ladder to the house that’s being constructed, which means you can see slightly more to her than to the others, which might be helpful. I can’t recall if you can tell whether she was carrying something, but if she was building the house she could have been carrying a log. The new footman was also stuck in the ground, but not the carpenter or the trapper. You could check if those were empty-handed.

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I just got this feature as well but I just received notification for a new villager, a carpenter,  to join and ended up with the HUD being stuck open for the second workbench put down.  On attempting a Save and Reload the reload shows several villagers stuck in the ground with heads. The save becomes pretty much unusable after this point from villager useage point of view.

Save files:
Save 1
Save 2

& a 5 minute capture, Save markers in video description:

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On reload, got this villager who is apparently short, and maybe stuck in the wall.

No mods, beafy machine.

hmm, I cant tell… is this just the floating head bug, or is his body still present, but hidden within the house?

The body is present, just really compressed, and hidden by the wall.

Actually all my people are this way:

Here is close-up of body:

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Oh we can see pinochio this screenshots are so amazing to watch. I laught a lot^^

Yep, that’s the head bug—citizens on the ground only show their heads, but if they’re up high for some reason you can see their whole bodies kind of compressed like that. I attached a save (the second one in the linked post) where you can see that in Lorna on the ladder to the house I’m building.


thanks for the confirmation @Phagocytosismerged


Rumor on the street is that @ponder gunned this one down… stay tuned!


If this is true, i’m buying a ticket, flying down there, and giving you all hugs.

I won’t say a word.

Then i’ll just turn around and fly home.


hmm… is this really a problem that required fixing?

i dunno about you, but if i were a goblin, i would find this terribly intimidating!



It’s still there in at least some forms. See my post here.

I’m getting this a lot on my home machine (I play at work sometimes… ssshhhh!). Home machine is geared for gaming, and so far it’s the only place I am seeing it.

In the log it looks like it might be tied to the presence (or attempted presence) of a goblin raiding party. I found this in the log right after loading a bad save:

-21 20:02:40.726826 | 0 |                         lua.code | -- Script Error (lua) Begin ------------------------------- 
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.726826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    radiant/lib/env.lua:6: assertion failed!
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.726826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    stack traceback:
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.726826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	[C]: ?
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.726826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	[C]: in function 'old_assert'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/lib/env.lua:6: in function 'assert'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/modules/events.lua:43: in function 'listen'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/modules/events.lua:29: in function 'listen_once'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	...h/scenarios/dynamic/goblin_brigands/escort_squad.lua:126: in function '_attach_listeners'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	...h/scenarios/dynamic/goblin_brigands/escort_squad.lua:15: in function '__user_init'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/lualibs/unclasslib.lua:276: in function '__init'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/lualibs/unclasslib.lua:207: in function 'EscortSquad'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	...cenarios/dynamic/goblin_brigands/goblin_brigands.lua:25: in function 'obj'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/modules/events.lua:33: in function 'self'
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code |    	radiant/modules/events.lua:174: in function <radiant/modules/events.lua:141>
2014-Aug-21 20:02:40.727826 | 0 |                         lua.code | -- Lua Error End   ------------------------------- 

The only thing that makes me suspect it might be tied to goblin shenanigans is the randomness, given the quirksome behavior we’ve all seen the past couple of days with them.

Upon reloading a saved game, all non-worker classed villagers (Trappers, Farmers, Carpenters, Footman, etc.) are found partially buried in the ground with only their head visible. These villagers are no longer functional, and cannot move or perform tasks of any kind.

Reloading the save does not fix the problem, and no workable solution is visible.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m unsure whether or not this had anything to do with it, but I had recieved a new villager as a Footman and the game threw an LUA error. The Footman did not show up on my list of villagers even as he patrolled through my town and selecting anything did not display it’s listed name in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It’s then when I saved and reloaded. With this in mind, the steps to replicate are:

  1. Receive new villager (possibly of a class other than base worker)
  2. Save game
  3. Reload game

Expected Results:
Properly reloaded game with functioning villagers.

Actual Results:
All non-worker villagers (half population) rendered useless.

Again, I’m not sure if the two errors are related, or perhaps it was the fact the game was saved after an error was thrown about the new recruit to the village.

Can upload save file upon request

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth v0.1.0 (release 122), Alpha 4.

System Information:
Windows 7 Professional 64 | AMD fx 8350 Eight-Core Processor ~4GHz | 8GB RAM | Radeon HD 7970