Computer Naming Contest

Ok guys, allow me to explain, my current computer is called Michael and I’m getting a new one in ~1 week and I need a name for it please post your names here putting the name it CAPS or “” the name with the most likes after some time in 26 of august will be the winner, and again please don’t post anything but computer names, and likes

Thanks, Sarhifigus

Ok Guys - My new computer’s here (and I’m writing this message from it) - sorry I’m a bit late - it was delivered late. Anyway the winner of the compo and my new computer’s name is: (drum roll please…) ‘STEEEEEEVE’ BY STEVE ADAMO

I think a sweet computer name, i don’t know why, would be “Vivian”

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mine is named “Black Box” or


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A fine computer name ----- WINTERMUTE

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If your computer name is the label on the side then my computer is named Alienware but be warned every computer that has a name in movies always tries to take over the world. For instance Skynet, that computer from I Robot etc…


Why does the post have to be at least 20 characters long? Anyway, my choice is BRUCE.

Great Guys, Thanks for all the responses, we do however seem to have a lack of likes, if there is an abundance of likes I will have to choose - and you would not like that

I like it! Gets my like For now anyway

Thanks, but no @Newf

There we go! Cleaned the thread up a bit

Don’t know why I thought of this name but how about:

What i think you should call it:

computer name:
“Sarhifigus Junior”


i like “Sargent Cross”

my computers name is “The Dread Lord”

“Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand”

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and others…

it pains me to have to mention what should be overly obvious… Steeeeve

its a requirement of the discourse platform…


When naming anything, I find simplicity and conciseness to the most BA. So…


The name I just thought of would be “Soundbreaker”

How’s about the name FLAMBOOZLE?

Not really. My real suggestion is either “RET” (both beautiful and to the point) or “ZYCHORUS” (pretty cool sounding).

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Am I the only one to whom it sounds strange to give his computer a name? :wink: With all your suggestions I start thinking that mine is the only one without a name. Maybe I should start calling it Marvin, from now on… but in this case he might reboot every now and then just because he is depressed.