Super GUI contest


Hey guys! So i looked at some stonehearth screensshots and some of them on the game, had those GUIs for chopping trees and building, So i decided to do some kind of contest, take one of the images with these GUIs and add in a tilling GUIs a mining GUIs and a cursor GUIs. Just wanna see how you guys do.


post your picture of the GUI as a reply to this post.


gave this a category, and tweaked the title a bit… hopefully that makes more sense? :smiley:


xD thanks lol hey man join the xat chat


Anybody? T^T anybody made a GUI?


…maybe this is just too soon c_c


do it :I or i’ll eat you @^­@


That’s not how it works bro, that’s my job.
You See…
It’s MY Job as a Ginger to Eat Pplz souls…so…


I know i have done this thread before but, it was not popular so i am re-doing it! so the point is that you edit this picture to add a GUI on the down side of the pic

The GUIs



I win. Коммунизм является конечной тема для GUI.


In English? :confounded: I dumbfound…


The first word in that was Communism I think… after that I can only read Cyrillic, to bad I don’t speak any language that uses Cyrillic.