Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 2, Week 4, The Final - ‘A New Titan’

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-model-submission-cycle-2-week-4-the-final-a-new-titan/2641]weeks theme and models[/url]. Be it critique, suggestions, or just general chat about your favourite.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

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Amazing creation @voxel_pirate. I really like the- ASSIMILATE

Thanks… although I am not sure if all the details are working out as planned, i.e. are well enough designed to see what I wanted to show :wink:.

well, im not sure what you “planned” to show, but what came through was pure Borg awesomeness… :+1:

speaking of, that sounds like the most German Star Trek name ever… am i right?

Borg? Not really. That sounds more Swedish than German to me.

ahh, of course… that does sound more Swedish… however, it might work if written like this! ßörg:wink:

Seeing as you are German @voxel_pirate, how on earth would you pronounce this?! Would it be something like surg?

i just want to say that i will use the titan that wins this competition in the writers workshop.of course i will ask before i type it into my story of fun…SO Good Luck!


thats what it would sound like when “ß” at the beginning of a word would be possible :wink:

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Borg is a Swedish word, meaning castle, but G is pronounced like a J and the R isn’t way down in your throat but instead almost at the tip of your tongue. :slight_smile:

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@voxel_pirate can you add a resized version? I can only see the half of the picture.

@Fuerst Somehow Discourse should create a thumb-version by itself, but after the next refresh, it is enlarged my picture… no Idea why. I will play around with it and see if I can manage a more “appealing” post. However, you can always click on it, to see the full picture.

I’m working on something, unfortunately after spending an hour or so doing complex geometry and careful modelling I realized that I didn’t actually need what I made as it didn’t work with my idea. I do however now have a meteor impact crater though complete with elongation and increased dirt mounds at the large end. I need a circular crater though for my plan as then I can create my titan, a Tier Ε Class Μ Steelfiend. Prepare for a truly terrifyingly titanic titan.

with all that build up, you better deliver! :smile:

otherwise, you’ll be hearing from @Geoffers747 lawyer for making such bold claims… which, now that i think about it, isnt so scary…


Well I’ve been working for a few hours and thought I’d post a preview and some thoughts on it, I’ve discovered a deep hatred of the lack of lighting as well as the hole in the middle is supposed to fade to darkness as it gets lower but instead I’ve had to actually model the large piles of jewels and gold at the bottom. It’s meant to pose a question though as all the more powerful Steelfiends will, of course you don’t actually know what a Steelfiend is yet let alone that you can kinda sorta see it in the preview. The key thing is that my ideas about Steelfiends go with an idea for a mod where pretty much all high tier materials can only be gained by killing them, of course a Tier Ε means that’s a powerful titan because tiers Α to Δ would be too powerful balance wise to actually be fun as they start to become less like titans and more like angry gods as you move up through the top ranks. I’m not sure why I wrote so much here really but myeh, my thoughts on my model so far is that I’m not sure whether I should make some trees or something as a backdrop and the standing stones probably need a grayer colour, I’d also be interested in what you think a titan for this scene might be as I will say that it’s not just a monster hiding at the bottom ready to eat anyone that tries to go for the gold, it’s much sneakier than that.


Nice preview. Looks like an interesting combination of the Sarlacc Pit and Stonehenge :wink: The stones are looking more like claws to me, as the shape and color are a bit untypical for stones I guess.

If I have to guess about the titan… I would go for an alien (due to the artifical look of the center and this writings on the grey “metal”).

hmm… could be a massive, stone beast… emerging from the depths, claws first… :smile:

I’m intrigued. Looks very impressive so far. I’m imagining some sort of Kil’jaedenesque type creature emerging from the pit.

Personally, I love the standing stones as they are.

With the right lighting that will look awesome and terrifying

I decided to import the fisherman by @voxel_pirate to give a sense of scale, it really is quite large. It’s also only viable as balanced because it won’t attack unless provoked, of course it’s about 20m wide and has some fang-y things that are 6m tall and is kinda like a necron-sarlacc hybrid so it should probably not be provoked unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. Now if only there weren’t actual non-titan versions of these that actually contained the treasure it would make your decisions so much easier. I also think the stone should be just a tad darker all around and I think I might go back to having the fang-esque ones being a different colour.