Find it's Name [Forum Game]


This is pretty simple so I will explain it fast…

Your job is to find the name of the object in the picture. Then put a link to where you found it. (No clicking the image URL!) If its right the one who posted the picture should like the answer. That tells the person it’s his turn to post. First, an easy one


tis an AC-130 gunship right? though judging by the look its all tucked up for hanger time


Is it a Lockheed C-130 Hercules? My grandfather saw me looking at this and told me he use to know some guys who flew one.


Okay, what will you pick as a picture now?


ok, lets see who can name this wee beastie


I want to say it’s a newt?


It’s an Axolotl right? Mexican walking fish?


You sir, are correct :3 pick yer poison :stuck_out_tongue:


Who are these people from? (Hint-book turned into movie)


The outsiders


You sir are correct.


Super difficult round/shameless self promotion.

I blurred parts that are dead giveaways.



edit2: unblurred


Well, I looked around the internet using the words “Nasa”, “Bellarmine”, and “254”.

It is the Barrage Robot.



Yes it is. That’s why I blurred them but whatever. I guess I’m the only FRC guy here. I tried. I am on that team if anyone cares.


Alright, what is the name of this venomous arachnid.

Here is a hint.


Sydney funnel-web spider - Wikipedia (website)
i followed a stream of big hairy spiders with hairless mandibles. Until i found this with a link to the wikipage, and here it is. am i right?


Yes you are, @naturalnuke.


Who is this anime character! (I was watching it recently for nostalgia, PS that’s a hint)