Sheepasaurus Draws a Thing

Continuing the discussion from Who's good at naming things? (livestreaming some art!):


Livestream’s over for now, but I’ll be back in 30 minutes to an hour if anyones interested!

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And we’re back! Feel free to drop in if you’d like!

Edit: Stream ended a little early due to my laptop threatening to crash on me. Thank you to eveyone who dropped in! I’ll do my best to stream again sometime tomorrow and get some more work done!


I’m back up for the day! My internet might go in and out a little bit, but I hope it won’t.

Edit: Stream over! I’ll be back in about an hour to work some more!

Edit: And we’re back up!

Edit: Stream over! ill be streaming again pretty early tomorrow i hope

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Edit: The stream is still going on, and we’re making some nice progress! Drop in and chat if you’d like! (Everyone had to leave and I’m lonely now :cry:)

Edit: Taking a 30 minute break!

Edit: We’re back!

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i cant join you right now, but when i finish up he hair models i have left to edit i’ll jump in again.

Stream is over, and I finished the panel, horray! I’ll put up a link to it when I get it online! Thank you to everyone who came by and gave me encouragement!

Edit: Its online! AND I figured out a name for it!

The page isn’t formatted properly yet, and the panel probably isnt either, so please excuse the mess, but hey! First panel! Up on time! Horray!


Heehee, it still makes me giggle.

Nice work, the finished product is great!

Thank you! I’m actually working on setting up a twitch page at this very moment, so I’m gonna be streaming some art on there shortly, if you’re interested!

(I dont wanna tag the moderators in this because it really isn’t that important, but would it be ok for me to make a new discussion for this, and just update the top post when I’m streaming? I know you guys don’t really like having multiple of the same sort of discussion, but I mean, yknow. I dont know.)

Ok, well, I’m still setting up a little, but I think it’s more or less working. link I’m still not using a microphone, but I have nightbot activated and song requests all set up, so, yeah! Come on by and chat if you’d like!

Edit: I’m back online!

Edit: I’m still streaming! I don’t mean to spam or anything but I am sort of very lonely, haha :stuck_out_tongue: Drop on n to chat and listen to some music if you want!

Hey, I’m streaming again! Twitch Song requests are off for the moment, but will be on shortly! Stop by if you’d like!

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