Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)

Can i help for turkish language ?

I am currently in the production of Chinese translation, but I do not know him @welsongan , he has not helped the translation work, and now she @Iviaca is helping me with the completion Chinese translation, please add her name to his @welsongan name removed it :slight_smile:

Hi! I would like to help with the Spanish translation if there are still free slots :slight_smile: I’m really loving this game and I would be really happy to help with anything I can :smiley:

Already added myself :slight_smile:

Hi, @voxel_pirate. I’m working on the Traditional Chinese translation (zh-TW).
Would you please add me to the list?:kissing_heart:
I have already created a topic of Chinese Translation (Traditional).

The progress of the translation is about 80%.
Most of them are the texts under the personality node.

And I would like to use the flag of Taiwan.

I can help with Italian and German. If you need someone for this languages. :wink:

Heyho for German im on it BUT like i know there is no italien translation - but becarefull its lots of work todo ^^ and will be increased with every update xD

Here is a little info for the start: First Steps for Translation

if you need help just contact me :smiley:

Hi, I’d like to be added to the Czech translators.

I have no idea if there is more dutch translators needed cause there are a lot xD but any i am up for helping a bit in the translation to dutch.
So you can add me there @voxel_pirate

Also is there already a translation in progress or where all the dutch people rather lazy then tired to use a dutch saying.

I can help in the translation for the Brazilian Portuguese!

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O projeto está aqui ó:


There’s a cookie in the french translation, if it’s me… It’s commander cookie, and not only cookie!
If it’s another person, well then sorry XD Because I’m translating the french version, I thought it’s me ahaha

I could help with brazilian portuguese, it’s my native language and I’m pretty much fluent in english so it won’t be so difficult, I guess.

Hi! I would really like to help translating this game to spanish (from Spain). Is the translation team still active?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Greetings everyone !

I’ve been playing Stonehearth for quite a while now and I’m loving it so far.

So I’ve been wondering, how can I contribute to the game ?

I stumbled upon this thread and thus I’m ready to start translating this game into french whenever it’s needed.

  • Arkhana -

heyho for this ask at best @Estiva or help on the githbub version GitHub - Benjamin124/startermod_locale_fr: A mod adding French language to stonehearth.

@Wiese2007 ty :slight_smile:

@Arkhana yes you can join french translation team, more info at :

you can add Estiva as friend on Steam for details, cu ; )

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I would love to help with spanish translation, nowadays “professional” translation companies rarely bother with real proper translation and do not care for the lore of the game while fan communities does.

I can help translate the game into spanish the only problem I have is I do not own the game yet, so I would not be able to proofread the translated things in-game

Heyho sry without the game no translation - you need the files to translate iand make an mod so that everybody can use it .- you can only try to find a player who helps you and give you the files or buy the game.

I would like to help with the translation to Brazilian Portuguese. It is my main language, and I have Intermediade Level English according to a few test I made on apps and online.
I’m just not aware of how to work with the volunteers and with the mod/translation.
Are there any groups on Discord or Skype I have to join to help? How can I help?

here a link to the translation Brazilian Translation (PT-BR/PT-PT) Alpha 24