Command Console Commands Not Working - Alpha 20

I bought this game as of yesterday and overall, it works amazing! The game is very fun to play around with. I decided to give the game commands a try and just mess around. As soon as I type in a command in the console (other than “help”) I get an “Engine Error” notice and a whole lot of other giberish.

I’ll post a link to the snapshot I took of the issue if anyone else is having the same issue or a related issue.

Attachments: Gyazo - c330d9fbc713e55f5b8837770e5143e2.png

Version Number and Mods in use: > Stonehearth 0.20.0 (release 701) x64 build - Alpha 20

No Mods used

That’s because some commands need arguments, or need some entity selected before you execute them.

They are meant to help with debugging, not actually for using in-game, although some users use them to workaround some bugs, or speed up their gameplay. I’d say not to run any command unless you know well what it does and how to use it. :sweat:

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If possible, do you know how to use the “ib” and “set_blink” command?

Hey @Diablo1290, welcome to the forums! I’m not sure about set_blink - but ib is meant to instantly build the selected building. To use it, first click on a non-finished building, then open the console, then type ib and hit Enter.

Ohhhh… Thank you very @jomaxro! :grinning:

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Did you figure out how to use “set_blink” ? :frowning: It shows an error to me :frowning: it says “error”: “promise destroyed with no resolve or reject call”