Combat waypoints

I have noticed once getting further into the game your village will get larger meaning you are spread over a larger span of the map. But when goblins attack certain parts of my village either the warriors are too far way from goblin threat to care about them stealing my wood(HA) or it is just the bug where warriors will not attack goblins even if they at standing next to each other. The citizens also do not attack the goblins if they are too far away from the problem or they go 1 at a time and would get themselves killed.
So what I suggest is another button on the defend tab to be reinforce or waypoints for the warriors. As they are very slow in their patrols it can take some time for them to get around to the goblin threat on their own.


hey there @Kronese… yes, waypoints will likely be implemented for combat units at some point… here’s an old AMA quote:

I like the new mechanics for the trapper, but what if you could use the same idea for defending military. For example you would drag out a zone for individual soldiers to guard so you can organize your defense. The soldiers would stay within the boundaries while they were on duty.

As @Ralfbo suggests I believe that the patrolling will be done via zones. As in the unit(s) would patrol the edge of a selected zone or something rather than a drawn route.