Collaboration Requirements

You guys have implemented Collaborative Items, for example, the decorative vases that the Potter can make using metals acquired from the Blacksmith. The thing is, my town didn’t even have a Blacksmith yet when I was making these items.

My suggestion is to add a second requirement for these items.

Example: Decorative Glass Vase requires Level 4 Potter, 1 Clay, 1 Bronze(?) Bar if I recall correctly. Add another requirement of a Level 4 Blacksmith.

It helps with immersion, making your village feel more like an actual collaboration between professionals, and less of a “Due to hours of working with Clay, your Potter suddenly knows how to finely smelt and work with Bronze”. :confused:


I think its ok… because how would you even get bronze ect without a blacksmith other than having enemies drop it occasionally.

Through trading, mostly. Same with the Cloth and Leather that my Carpenters use to make advanced furniture.