Writing Table/Crafter/Research

This is about expanding the crafters ability to acquire new items to craft.

Clicking on a placed writing table in your settlement will bring up a list of your current crafters.

Lets choose a Carpenter!

This will bring up a list of available Items that your Carpenter can research - ex: Royal bed!
During your carpenters idle time he will travel to the writing table grab a feather, paper on the table, start scribbling in deep contemplation.

Maybe have the base chance for success start at 30% and add 10% for every level his “Mind” score is at (since current max is 6 this will = 90% chance to succeed).
*This will also Make you more choosy on who you choose to fulfill that job role.

Depending on how high of a tier the “Royal Bed” is at, can determine how long it takes for the carpenter to finish the research. Maybe The bed is a top tier item <random #> 5, so it will take them 5 in-game days to finish the research.

If the Carpenter does any crafting jobs during the research progress it will halt the research progression (Possibly have a progression bar next to the item your researching to show approx time how long it has left to finish).

This could also lead into a possible lvl progression - researching a certain amount of high-end items could increase your crafters level ex: increase work production, increase stamina , ect,.).

It could also go into Books/scrolls and others - You completed a quest, got a book for “Royal Bed Making” (increases research success rate by 5%) type of thing.

Just a Idea to help spark The Dev Teams creative juices :slight_smile:


I like this idea, its nice when the Crafter in theory still has to go to school so to speak… :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s like the old saying " If you not learning something, your probably dead!".


Neat. You could dedicate particular characters to research and development, while the others keep building whatever. I wonder, could you dedicate several to the same idea with each gaining a little experience for it, but less than if they had figured it out alone? The benefit being faster research but at the cost of slower character improvement.

I was kinda thinking along the lines - Once that particular crafter gets high enough in level, they could become a “Master”, and have the ability to take on an “Apprentice(s)”. That way the Apprentice could get a obscene amount of research speed (seeing how he would be working with their masters guidance), but still having to go through the process of researching everything.
This way it wouldn’t be over powering but understandable as to way they progressed so fast.

As time went on maybe some items they could build/make (I guess Epic like items) they would have to work together with. Maybe the “Epic” item’s could have a greatly reduced success rate (something like minus 50%) so If the master crafter has a 6 mind it will bring the success rate to +10% coupled with the apprentice(s) they could achieve a success rate of hmmm 90% tops?.

this would also help with the feeling of continual progression.
But I am highly open to ideas! the more the better :slight_smile:

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I was under the impression there would be blueprints the village could give to the individual crafters in order to gain new crafts. And if the crafter ranks up too. I’m not sure whether a research table really currently fits in with the game’s direction which seems to be focused more on building villages rather than micromanaging research and other education.

Book’s/Scrolls - Blueprints/Schematics Potato/tater …

A way to level craft classes - I guess could be considered Micromanaging, but I see it as playing longevity.

This would work quite well with the experience system, and the apprentice could get 2x experience.

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There does seem to be an “Architect” class that was found in the code a few months ago. It’s one possible case for research and blueprint functions (for construction).

I’d like to see different researchers for the different specialties; i.e., a “construction” researcher, a unit buff researcher (for both civilian and military units), and then researchers for different fields like agriculture, smith work, and tech, which might be combined in certain ways. The big issue is to make functions for these classes outside of research, otherwise they start to lose value or usefulness once research is already completed. Perhaps the Architect is personally faster at building structures or accelerates construction of a building when tasked to it, like an overseer.