Modify item restrictions for new builder

I totally get, and for the most part like, that the new builder restricts the furniture/decorations/doors/windows you can incorporate into building designs to things your crafters can make at their current level - and it’s absolutely better than having to have the items in a stockpile like the old builder.

However, I find that when building workshops for my crafters, I want to be able to plan out their workspace with all their workstations in them, which makes any profession that requires Level 3+ to craft the “advanced” workstation (Mason, Blacksmith, maybe others…) a pain in the neck.

Thus, I would suggest that the level requirement be ignored by the new builder when showing available furnishings for workstations and possibly input/output bins only. That way, you don’t end up having to go “well shoot” when you realize that the Blacksmith’s forge is huge and takes up most of the workspace you’d planned to fill with input/output bins. (The input/output bins are less of an issue for me as they’re at least a relatively uniform size between versions, I just prefer to use the version of them made by the profession in question if the profession has them, and when they require Level 2 or 3 in the profession that means I need to remember to come in and add them later.)

This also jives with the premade housing which does incorporate e.g. the Mason’s high-level workstation in its layout from the get-go.


My personal preference would be for there to be a checkbox (at the top right, perhaps?) of that window that would toggle whether things are limited to your current levels and professions or are part of the items available to be crafted by all level 6 professions available to you (i.e., including professions you haven’t assigned anyone to yet, race-specific items, and already-unlocked quest rewards, but not including potential quest rewards).