Collaboration Between Professions

There should be a way to create complicated crafts by having craftsmen of a requisite level collaborate to make certain projects. These collaborations would be related to what township crafts you have built.

–[Military Township] Sheperd + Footman = Cavalry Unit Buildpath
–[Military Township] Herbalist + Footman = Combat Stims/Meds (Self-applied)
–[Craftsman Township] Engineer + Stonemason = Windmill or Watermill (for grain grinding)
–[Religious Township] Cleric + Blacksmith = Beacon of Undying Hope (Provides permanent low-level buffs for village, makes crops grow, etc. requires lots of high level resources (gold, tapestries, etc.))
–[Military Township] Engineer + Blacksmith = Advanced traps (swinging hammers, spike pits, etc.)

This could be really cool if it was implemented, especially as a 10,000 Hours Perk. Thoughts?