The Craftsmen Collab - Crafters building together

The Craftsman Collab is the idea of an upgradeable town/castle gate, requiring the chiseled hands of the mason, the woody wits of the carpenter and the iron will of the blacksmith.

Together these three craftsmen could build the ultimate defense for the weakest link in any town wall!

This is something that you wouldn’t place on every house, instead building one or two on the sturdy town walls to grant access and provide defence against invading forces.

Each part of this structure would appear in the workshop of the three craftsmen. These parts: the draw bridge for the carpenter, the huge, arched town gate for the mason and the iron grid for the blacksmith could be added to the gate after completion.

You would have to first place down the gate then add the other two components after it’s built.

Imagine a battle:

The closed draw bridge would require the attackers to either use siege equipment like catapults or magic to break in, or they could start filling up your moat to get to the gate. Then they would face the strong iron grid and a wooden door further inside. While they tarry trying to get in, your archers from the walls above would rain death down upon them.

NOTE: This is an idea of how your craftsmen could work together on a single structure. You could omit the draw bridge or the iron grid, depending on your economy, the terrain or your aesthetic views. Further more, you should be able to place the bridge and the grid elsewhere, they shouldn’t be attached only to this structure.



Indeed this would be very good…it would add another level of versatility.

This seems limiting, I would leave it to the players discretion.

Alternatively the whole wrapped up package could appear in the building menu, the upside would be a much neater simpler UI. But in turn this would limit the amount of versatility the player would have.

I may turn this into a short story, if you don’t mind.

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Just a suggestion, I just thought these big gates would look silly on small family houses. I assume they would also be quite costy.

My main idea for this was that each craftsmen would do his own thing separately, then we would be adding it to the gate, for example. We should be able to use the draw bridge at other places, not only for this gate. That would be limiting indeed.

And this is the kind of story I want to experience in this game ha ha.

Thanks for your feedback and ideas.

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I thought as much, but your post wasn’t clearly one or the other.

I hope this clears it up then, yes?

Indeed it does. And I must say I like the idea. However I just thought of another problem, you would have to put them out in a certain order, (e.g. arch first then gate or portcullis) and especially if there are a lot of “craftsmen collabs” we will need a recipe book or something of that nature.

I came up with this: these pieces could be placed down separately, like the chains for the bridge not coming from the wall but attached to wooden posts, so you could put it to the edge of a cliff and connect it to the top of a building.

And when you combine these 3-4 pieces they would behave differently, toghether they would get new functions. And I think that’s what these collabs should be about, definately not mandatory, but adding something new and different.

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It would be cool to see a qubicle model of this.
Paging @Pandemic @Pepe @chimeforest @Atralane @voxel_pirate @Froggy and any other modelers…

This could be done, from a modelling stand point I dont see too much difficulty. that hard part will be the building around it. If you have a gate the size of a wall you’ll need to find someway to hide the gate as it raised. I could help if I can find the time, but I will only make the model

Can’t wait to see it :smiley:

I’m thinking that this gate would fit at least a two-storey wall. When the gate is opened the iron grid/grate would ascend into the second storey of the wall, thus disappearing.

Maybe the tips of the grate could remain partially visible when open.

The picture can serve as a guide. There are two arches, one directly above the gate and one further up. The gap between the two arches would be bigger, thus there would be space for the gate to disappear.

I am using for reference, I can make it look like it but the function and animation is on your plate xD I sadly dont have much time for mod work these days

I wish to be able to build such functioning/moving structures in the main game.

Have you watched @voxel_pirate tutorial series? They help a lot :slight_smile:

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