Clockwork City (complete)

Even though this project is still in it’s very early stages, i still wanted to share, just because of the absolute insanity of it, the work involved to make this central structure is crazy, the structures are too big to be 1 template so the clockwork mechanism is broken into 15 seperate pieces and the citadel above it is broken into 11 pieces, getting all of these pieces to line up together, while also floating and not turning red has been challenging to say the least.



Sotha Sil would be proud of you :merry:


Will keep track of it :slight_smile:

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Same as Dani : you’re the talented child of the Architect of Time. This is a ma zing!


I really don’t know if you’re completely insane, or a god damn genius.


One does not exclude the other. Sheogorath is totally insane and a genius at the same time. :smiley:


oooh mah gawd

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Can I point out this is not on easy either? There’s a goblin camp in one of those pics! A brave builder indeed.

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Man, you’re right, there’s 2 camps even… Oo

Thanks for all the nice comments all :slight_smile: I’m pretty slammed for time this week so it will be a few more days before I’m back on this project, got plenty of ideas buzzing round though :honeybee:

yeah, there is a few camps popping up, I just kind of left them as they weren’t a threat at the minute, I always play on hard difficulty, but I also kind of cheat at the start, first thing I do is open console commands, spawn in 10 extra hearthlings and get a few archers and knights up as fast as I can.

you’re a god, so what if you go all godmode on their asses? they’re goblins! that’s even worse than daedra :smiley:


so ive spent the better part of six hours today working this and honestly i doubt i will even build it, still looks cool though i guess, started off building some sort of clockwork guardian, turned into a goddess statue, then finished some sort of mixture of the two :thinking:



Awesome :smiley: !

Are these build in a free building mode ?

nope, my hearthlings always gather and build all the materials needed and they do 99% of the building too, occasionally they will need help with the odd ladder and only very rarley will the be totally unable to build at all, only after trying to help them in any way i can will i use the insta build command.

added a little more, (well, i have actually had to start again) i rolled some new worlds to find some that better suited the vision of what i want to build, so i have added some flying destroyers and i’m about 50% done with the military port for my destroyers




ho-le-shit. thats so impressive.


airships are on workshop if anyone wants them, wouldn’t take much effort to turn them into normal ocean going battleships either.

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I’m just going to go over in this corner and cry. Don’t mind me and my jealousy.

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Aww, don’t be jealous :joy: be inspired, I’m always pulling inspiration from other builds I see, even if it’s just little things like the way someone has styled a roof or wall, or even a way they’ve mixed different colours :slight_smile:

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