Clockwork City (complete)


That is amazing! Great job!!!


Another project complete, not as many individual building’s as my last build, but alot more larger structure’s, the water wheel and bridge alone took almost a week to complete


Wow, that’s amazing! Now, just for clarity’s sake, your hearthlings actually build those? Or is the amount of time specifically in the designing process?


My hearthlings built almost everything you can see, 4 of the 5 airships had to be insta built in console commands, but the 1 destroyer airship that is in port they managed that themselves, they also had some difficulty with the bridge, they built maybe 20% of it and then just decided the rest was out of they’re reach and gave up, the water wheel was built by them, but i had to be constantly checking on them, building and destroying ladders and a fair bit of teleporting when they kept getting themselves in places they couldn’t get out of.


Can we give @Serendipity a Master Builder title? I think it’s well deserved at this point.


Done, and well deserved too!


This looks cool as shit, though I do wonder if you ran into the same issues I did when building big things. Where the placing of a block would take several seconds due to the sheer size of what you’re building for example (I have that a lot)


@Averest and @max99x thank you very much :blush: and thanks to everyone who liked and supported my build’s

@TheDarthDuncan i did run into that issue, but most of my build’s aren’t actually as big as they look, the larger structure’s i break into smaller chunks, it take’s more forward planning, but save’s on the lag a whole lot, the main structure below is actually made up of 11 seperate templates all pieced together.


You made it look like it is another game.


just wanted to share this too, give’s a idea on the amount of forward planning i went to on this project, to make sure everything fitted together and was perfectly symmetrical.


i do tend to go a little overboard sometime’s :joy: i’m actually already planning my next build on your Sky Lands Mod, already got some idea’s in development :wink:


Yeah, I do that as well, breaking up the bigger build into smaller segments. It seems to work, but sometimes it can make building a bit difficult