Click Drag Select Troops [ Revamp Groups ]

Selecting your soldiers
I would love to see a feature to click and drag select your soldiers then right click to send them to move if the target is landscape and attack if target is an enemy.

This is a standard for many RTS games and i personally would love to have this.
It would be a lot faster and feel less weird than going around through these menus of Groups then select type you wanna do.

Defend Location
Perhaps you could then also change how Defend Location works instead of going through the menus and clicking defend location and add a flag at a place you could instead add a flag where ever you want then you can select the soldiers from a menu or in game by click drag select or single click for soldier. Right click the flag and that assigns him to be positioned at the defend flag area.

Patrol and Defend Locations
Then perhaps you could also be able to link these Defend Locations to Create a Patrol Path between them.

For the Defend Flag Area you could also add things for them like

  • allow opening of doors?
  • decrease / increase size of the defend area
  • allowed to move outside the defend zone to reach attacking target

Just a few ideas of mine that i think would help a lot with Stonehearth to become a bit better with combat