Suggestion: Soldier ranks, formations and customization?

I want to get Stonehearth when more features are added, I have a idea. When I get StoneHearth, it’ll be cool if there was a rank system because I would like to see a knight to lead the footmen in a silver helmet i gave him while all the footman have the same uniform. Also a formation for bigger attacks and the ability to pick what your soldiers wear + horses will be cool


This could be something really cool but i don’t think we’re going to see it in the near future.
Maybe when they get to the beta stage, or with some mods.

I would just like my footmen to never run out of range of my cleric or the range of my archers or the range of my knights or the range of my turrets. :weary:

I definitely want all my soldiers to have their own citizen tab because I constantly only want to suspend them from doing their job so they prioritize hauling more often.

currently soldiers are mostly useless food hogs that do not help your town at all and this problem makes hard mode artificially more difficult and time consuming due to the micro-management of toggling the jobs on and off. every time you think you need a new worker- its a lie, you just need a soldier that actually does something besides walk in circles all day when there is clearly tons of things to pick up and no enemies on the map.


try using the patrol points mod([A20+] Patrol Points)
If you don’t have any patrol point then your footmen will do hauling automatically.


I know about it, I just can’t use any mods as I play the most recent version of stonehearth when it updates and mods usually don’t work

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This one should work with any version of Stonehearth as it is really simple. To only problem will be if the update adds a new item that can be patrolled.

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Thats what really makes me wonder why they haven’t added it as a feature already.