Footman Patrols

Hello Developers! I have an idea for something I believe should be included within your footman programming. I think that the player should be able to be assigned specific roots to patrol kind of like in the game Age Of Empires II where you tell the footman to patrol in a certain area. Also would it be possible to tell them to stand guard at a place but if they are tired/hungry they leave their post and then come back? I think that StoneHearth is a truly wonderful game and hope that you will always continue development as I think that StoneHearth is the new “Minecraft”



Hey smerriam,

some guy called Wiese2007 already did that as a mod (can be found here).

But I also hope we will see that feature in the future, this would be especially usefull for large towns.

Greetings Orkze



I know for a fact that this is already a planned feature for the game… so… hurray!

And believe me, I’m looking forward to this feature!

But yeah… there you go.


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