Clear Carpenter Bench

I cleared a carpenter block with the clear function.
The block disappeared but i could not place another carpenter bench.
So I tried to promote my carpenter back to worker. An error appeared and I clicked it away, so i couldnt made a screenshot. But not only an error appeared but also a new carpenter tool. my carpenter was still a carpenter and not a worker. the guy completly bugged out.


Welcome to the forum, @framet :smile:!

Thank you very much for reporting. Are you playing with the latest build (Alpha 10.5 - 10)?

Thank you!
Yes i was playing 10.5-10.


I’ve also seen this. Happened when I had a ton of items in queue and wanted to clear them quickly by simple dragging.

I’m playing alpha_10_5-10 as well

Note: Reloading the game doesn’t fix this.

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I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Glitched shepard, when change job, spawns continuos amounts of shepard stavess

Those screenshots refer to a demote bug that is happening from lots of months ago, but has different origins so it seems it’s not fixed completely.

Is this your case too, @framet? :arrow_heading_up: Did lots of tools appear when you promoted again the carpenter?

Although your first bug refers to problems when the carpenter bench is deleted. Maybe this will get fixed when they release the new crafter system.

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