Class Selection/Diversity?

So I bought into this game years ago, was enjoyable back then and still is for short duration’s. I come and go every 6-9 months or so. Test what has changed and leave them to it. For years I and many in the community have been asking for more class diversity. I jump back into the game today and notice they are removing classes, specifically the fun kind!!

What is the reason for this and is there plans to expand on the classes (Still no caster classes, More diversity around healers, Tanks IE Paladins…). Sad to see so many years go by and the only real change I can note is they stop and talk with each other like SIM’s. :frowning: Please tell me there is much much much much more that I have simply just missed.



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We stopped adding classes so that we could overhaul the basic gameplay systems. Check out the roadmap here!


Why remove some though? Wasn’t there some Warrior class?

Thanks for the reply btw,

No class was removed.