Class Expansion Modding Inspiration

A while back I had a modding idea that I ended up scrapping, but proposed that I would at least dump some of my work on here should others be interested in taking it up or at least be able to use it as inspiration. Unfortunately… A) I never got that far modding it myself, B) even if I did, I’ve since reformatted my harddrive (got a replacement SSD, since the HDD wasn’t able to keep up with my demands) and despite me normally always meticulously copying and backing up everything, I apparently never did so with my few modding projects… oh well, never finished any of them anyway… and C) what can most easily be summarized as ‘life’ happened.

However!! Some did survive, since I had an early draft of an expansion to the class system stored with my writing projects. It wasn’t really finished, but I figure it might still be something to someone; maybe even the Game Devs themselves wink wink nudge nudge :3

I hope this interests someone out there, because it could be really awesome to see it or something based on it brought to reality.

P.S.: I realize several of the jobs would require general rework of AI and/or mechanics; it was intended for a Total Conversion Mod that should have made the game deeper and longer. Also, pardon the lazy copy-pasting. I didn’t feel like fixing the spacing tbh :3.