Civil war mod (idea)

I know it is extremely early in development for a mod like this but I just wanted to get the ideas out there…
The civil war mod would introduce the Union Kingdom against the Confederate Kingdom.
This mod would include

  • Randomly generated cities

  • New classes and quests depending on which side you join

  • New weapons and crafting recipes

  • When a soldier gets a certain number of kills you can promote him/her

  • Just like the speed, and strength stats for your people there could be a strategy stat that would determine a soldiers strategy

  • Different classes Medic, Sgt., Lt., Ect.

Obviously this mod probably won’t get made for a looooong time but I’m just putting the idea out there!


sure, it sounds a bit ambitious… :wink:

but it also sounds like a great concept… best of luck! :+1:

While I know it’s ambitious I have done it before… in Minecraft… Obviously not the same type of base coding in stonehearth.

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I’d love to see some sort of predetermined campaign… you can be the Confederacy or the Union, with Robert and Abe commanding respectively… you’d have state borders, muskets, the like… That’d be pretty cool!

Well, seems quite based off The American Civil War, but oh well. I think it would be cool if in the late game, when we have different politics, if a group of people dislike the way you are ruling, then they can start a rebellion. If much of your empire dislikes how you are ruling, it could trigger a civil war, where you not only have to continue defending against titans and monsters, but also your own empire.

That’s kind of what I was thinking, or maybe have two NPC groups that you can ally with.

I’m no good with any type of art whatsoever so if someone would like to make the models (for a bit of cash I might add) Then quote me a price for reskins of workers as a confederate women and man, a Union women and man. Also, if you’d like to make more models such as cannons, muskets, rifles, flags, and any other civil war type item please email me at and I will pay via paypal. Please remember to quote me a price for the models before you make them though :3

We have models thanks to Miturion Stone!
Some of his great works of art include…

A cannon

Female Union Soldier

Male Union Soldier

Confederate Soldier Female

Confederate Soldier Male

American Flag (Union)

Confederate Flag



First build! Only models at the moment!


wow, I missed your previous update with all the new models… nice work!

you have clearly been practicing your voxel craft… :+1:

Definitely ambitious, although what with Stonehearth promising some kind of scenarios you can design… promising :slight_smile: .

A few thoughts though.

How about not cloning the American Civil War? Just in the Anglosphere you’ve got the Wars of the Roses (two sides of the same family fighting over the crown), the English Civil War (new-fangled Divine Right royalists vs politically conservative Roundheads), and the American Revolution (English Civil War v2.0). A lot of this fighting was also quite restrained by the standards of the day too (very few massacres of civilians etc), unlike the religious fighting in central Europe in the same era, or the French & Russian Revolutions etc.

On a similar note, you could see about a sort of “generic civil war” mod. Pick a half-dozen or so uniform colours & a bunch of flag designs, country names etc, and let some RNG decide who the combatants are.

As for taking part in it… WRT the Stonehearth scenarios being planned, the simplest way would be by discovering one or both of the factions already existing on the map, and then having to pick a side (or not, could always watch them I guess :slight_smile: ).

Yeah I agree with you, although, modeling 2 uniforms and flags is hard enough and implementing even more models and scripting more than 2 major countries to fight behind is gonna be almost impossible. However, if you want to help out the mod I would love to add more than just 2 countries to fight with as long as you make the models :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at that, the worst part looks to be the flags rather than the models: simple recolours would work for a lot of the uniforms (yay for the fill tool :stuck_out_tongue: ). Historically accurate “other countries” is another matter obviously, but adding say red & green uniforms by recolouring the existing USA/CSA ones wouldn’t be too bad. For the other flags you can always cheat & use a tricolour design: loads of countries use them after all :slight_smile: .

New stonehearth kingdom download link

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This is looking pretty snazzy. I’d love to see a finished version of this, it would be like a whole new game, if there was more things you could collect craft new things.

Also, maybe a far stretch, but I like the idea of, maybe the further you progress, the further through the ages you go, so from using civil war weapons, to using things like cars and planes, and bombs. No idea if that could work, but it’d be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m finally back after a year of waiting for the game to progress to a state in which this mod can be realized. Unfortunately, my account was lost during that time and the game still hasn’t progressed enough to fulfill this mods ambition but anyone who would like to sign on to code or create models now for when the mod can be created then please message me on this account.

Well, you could already try to implement your units as a profession, i.e. create the talisman in the game, get the promotion work, etc. This is already possible at the moment and could give you the reward of seeing your “troops” in action. You could also include already some models for specific furniture, flags, etc. and even a complete profession which will be able to craft it.

I know, far away from what you want to have at the end… but everything starts with the first step, no? :wink:

They already were. But somehow he chose to get some warped qubicle pictures in :smile:

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they look nice. hope the mod goes well. i bookmarked this mod first and i have like 17 mods bookmarked. but this one is my favorite.