Citizen building problem

There is a problem about the building process,when the Citizen was building a house or building,they will trap themself when they do not build the ladder or Scaffolding.And the other Citizen will not help him get down,and the citizen who have been trap will stand there until someone build ladder or scaffolding
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Give the citizen to build building.
  2. Let them build themself
    3)You will see them trap and wait until someone help them

Expected Results:
The Building System is not perfect enough
Actual Results:
No command to let them know how to get down

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Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18 , No Mods
System Information:


Welcome to the forum, @supersupersoso55 :slight_smile:

Devs are aware of this problem, it has always happened, and there are worse cases like completely enclosing the hearthlings to death in a room because it was designed to not have any doors or windows.

We’re still figuring out ways of better handling these cases, either making hearthlings smarter or notifying the player properly.

Thanks for reporting!

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