Citizen stuck on roof, with materials

Was building a house, when the carpenter decided to go to the roof and help finish the roof. Once the roof was finished the other workers got down but he decided to stay up there… along with some logs, and a floating log… I would love to have them materials to us. He didn’t get down, and he didn’t want to get down when they were taking the scaffolding down. He then became hungry and sleepy. I wish i could help him down! I wonder if its because he has things he needs to do? maybe just being lazy? Im not sure but not the first time this has happened to me. Soo, i am thinking this is a bug. =[

Screenshot of incident

Yes, sometimes when taking down scaffolding or a ladder, someone will get left behind on the wrong side. In the case of a guy stuck on a roof, you should be able to get him down by building a ladder up the side of the building and then removing it when everyone is off the roof.

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Then maybe it’s Not a Bug. The citizen gets trapped because someone removed the scaffolding ladder and he has no way of getting down again. As @Tuhalu says, you can rescue him by placing a ladder to the roof.

Indeed. It’s probably just everyone in your village being retarded and letting somebody behind.