[NaB] Help with trapped workers?

I’m not sure if support is the right tag, but i need suggestions or help on how to fix this if i can.
i started building a dining hall, but ran out of materials or something which caused them to stop building. at this point two workers got trapped ontop of the building and are slowly starving to death with no way down. i tried building a ladder and that didn’t work. help?

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Hmmm this sounds weird. Do you have any pics to better show what’s going on?
Usually, they will always have a way up/down until the building is complete.

i forgot to post pics but all the scaffolding and ladders were removed and they’re trapped on there along with some spare logs.

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you did try building a ladder. correct?

yes, you can see the first rung of it in one of the photos, they just place the bottom bit and then don’t build any more.

hmm is this in the A 11 unstable or A 10?

A10, as stated in the corner of the photo.

oops, i didnt see the pictures at first :laughing:

could you provide the save file?

Okay, i’m not sure how to share it…

Dropbox - 1436634873251 does this work?

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Looks like the building’s finished, and you’re out of wood!
It’s a bit weird that they’d get stuck though. Also, I think they should be able to build the ladder from the top-down, with the wood on the roof. Not sure why that isn’t working.

Is the ladder completed if you chop down a tree for more wood?

i have two max size stockpiles full of wood, but they just don’t want to finish the ladder. i messed up a construction material pile by accident which maybe stopped them from building, and the two on the top don’t do anything but idle and starve.

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strange, i built a ladder and the people stuck on top of the roof immediately built it.

were you building it on the “lip” of the roof or under the “lip” of the roof?

Oh, i was trying to build it from the ground up under the edge of the roof.

I guess that makes sense why they didn’t build it.

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yep, they cant build (or use) a ladder if its not on the lip/edge of the roof.

im going to close this thread now, as it wasnt actually a bug.

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