Chupacabra plus UFOs

so later in the game we will have shepherds and there herds of sheep. well the chupacabra is of course a goat eater but since goats dont existed yet why not the 1st titan be a chupacabra who eats sheep.

next one is ufos we have studied them for 1000s of years with no true hard facts so and what would they take… COWS! case closed…

I errr…

Yer. I’m going to bed.


huh? im confused by this

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Please, no UFOs.

We have plenty of “true hard facts” about them:

  • Most witness accounts are from liars.
  • Most of the time people actually saw something, they actually saw an asteroid/plane/satellite/etc.
  • We can easily identify all of those things mentioned above.
  • Most people who believe in them are fools.

Edit: Since some people cannot comprehend why I must prove the non-existence of UFOs, this is why:

I rest my case :slight_smile: .


so my ufo is shot down but not the chupacabra. 50% still up and this one is main one so im still good

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Chubacabras are pretty much just stupid hoaxes by people who think others are dumb enough to fall for it. That said, I think the idea of a Titan who specifically targets your sheep would be pretty cool.

Where I live, even mentioning a Chubacabra makes you sound like an ignorant fool, so it has a negative connotation.

so lets agree that its a thing like the unreal chupacabra

With the direction this thread has taken (unusual as it may be), you would think the existence of goblins was a widely known fact or something.

There will be lots of interesting mods in this game’s future.
I think a simcity style destruction mod would be great; UFO’s and all.


LOL that was my point to begin with but people for sum reason forget this is a game and i forgot also until you reminded me. thanks for that @mash_harder

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Wait… they are not? :open_mouth:

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Of course we all know goblins exist, but for something as ridiculous as a UFO to be added…

There’s fantasy, and then there’s absurdity.

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Well I think that’s a bit insulting :stuck_out_tongue: Isn’t it just an urban legend?

I like the idea of a monster that attacks your farm/ animals … whether it is a titan I’m not so sure … they’re meant to be super dangerous bosses right?

As for UFOs … if somebody wants to mod it in, great. Though I’m not sure how you’d get them to work outside of a sci-fii mod. Would be interesting to see.

I dunno… everyone know aliens built the pyramids, right?


Sweet Heaven, How you knew I am an alien? :alien:


Actually… I live in a developing part of San Antonio… and the “Chupacabras” I’ve seen the alleged ones around here, they are just some mut dog/coyote things that mites (the things that make animals look nasty and mottled looking) love to chew on. But I will say make those things look FREAKY.

like this:

Jesus Christ! Those eyes!

@naturalnuke That’s cool, I live just outside San Antonio.

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