"chase" bug with soldiers

1532120268601.zip (6.1 MB)
Having an issue where in members of the combat team will “chase” the “leader”(first person assigned a combat class). They will be stuck on that character often glitching around while moving and will eventually starve to death. The only way to “fix” is to change the offending hearthlings class. That is not a permanent solution however because they will eventually do it all over again when returned back to their promoted class. Having to demote/promote frequently to right a bug is frustrating. I started a new game with no mods to ensure that they weren’t causing a problem. But, this is an old bug that I have experienced many times with or without mods.

Update: I loaded the game from the first zip and it temporarily resolved the issue. I played for a while longer and in the second zip the footman won’t go eat. He starts to run towards the food but then runs back to the Archer and only stops to eat when the Archer goes to sleep.
1532116677249.zip (5.3 MB)