Castle Granite - I need feedback!

I always wanted to create a castle in Stonehearth, but the terrain was just too steep! But today, as I created a new Alpha 7 world [as all my other ones failed for various reasons because I was accidentally on purpose stress-testing] I noticed a large plains area, taking up almost the whole area. Finally, I thought, I had enough flat terrain to build a huge castle. So where did I start? By the hill, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

I set up a small stockpile for wood, stone, and food so that my miners wouldn’t have to constantly run back and forth.

Because it is a very, very long way back and forth.

I made a building template for a piece of wall, but the game wouldn’t let me place the templates side by side, or touching the cliff. So I mined out the hill, and staggered the pieces.

Admit it already, you know you like that depth. :stuck_out_tongue:

And so, the village of Granite began to construct its first wall. They had no battlements, no towers. They had nothing inside the wall! But they knew the wall would serve them well in the years to come, so they asked for heavenly assistance. “Should the final layer curve with the wall, or be a straight line hanging over as necessary?” they asked. They waited for any answer before continuing.


I love the story format you wrote this in. Very excited for future updates. I particularly enjoyed the RPG part at the end, it is a good beginning for an epic culture!

Keep em coming man!

Well, my game wouldn’t save on day 7… and then it crashed. Interestingly, one of my carpenters had two workbenches.

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Well Castle Granite will forever be remembered ! R.I.P the lost world of Granite