Carpenter restocking items instead of crafting

Summary: So I have a carpenter named Leona. She is a very good carpenter, high intelligence, frequently adds nice touches to the furniture I ask her to make. Unfortunately, today it seems she decided to go on strike! I have had carpenters do this before, and I usually found them pacing around the camp, doing absolutely nothing ,and if I shut down the village and opened it back up (save and load) they would get back to work. This time, while on strike she decided to help out the workers. Normally I would have no issue with this, as the workers are always working hard with tons of overtime, but she had her own work to do…why did she stop?

Stops to reproduce: Create carpenter, give maintain jobs, have lots of “worker jobs happening,” wait for carpenter to stop working

Expected results: Carpenter does his/her own job until queue is empty or no ingredients exist.

Actual results: Carpenter stops doing his/her job and instead stocks items.

See image below:

Stonehearth.log - seems it has grown to over 50 MB, need to compress it and then will upload. …uploaded…
Save folder

Version and Mods: develop-2647 with debug tools, cookmod, silomod, and bea_small_changes installed

System Information: Windows 10 Pro 64 | Intel Core i5-3360M | 16 GB system memory | Nvidia NVS 5400m

Paging @sdee, I know you were dealing with the idle crafter issue before, still have the extended logging enabled if that makes a difference.

Edit #1: Finally got my log to open on my computer. Apparently notepad doesn’t like such large text files. I have found the following:
This is repeated thousands of times (similar to this thread):

2015-Oct-15 16:32:34.491800 | client |  1 |     renderer.mob | failed to set transform on node 124830.

and every once and awhile I get this:

2015-Oct-15 16:32:34.962113 | server |  2 |     simulation.core | game loop exhausted before any jobs processed!
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