Can't load save file

So i first had this error:

Deleted the file, now i can launch the game but i can’t load my save file? I’m guessing it corrupted some how?

  • For clarification, when i load my save, it loads about 1/3 of the way, then the radiant screen pops up and transitions to the main menu

Welcome to the forum, @Emolk :smile:

Which version of Stonehearth are you playing and which version is the savefile from?

Are you trying to load your save from the main menu or from inside the game?
How many in-game days had the save file, do you remember?

For your comments, I’d say that it can be corrupted, yes, but it could also be a bug.

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  • save file has gone back to say 2 wtf?

Edit: Ok wtf my save file i started up yesterday reverted to a previous state as well… what is going on…

Every time I try to load a game I created, it goes to the loading screen, but then switches to the Radiant logo and goes back to the initial start screen.

I knew I had read it somewhere before @__@
Don’t know how have I managed to found it, however.

This is because the game wasn’t really saved, or because the savefile either got corrupted or you clicked a different one. Sorry for the late reply. It’s just now that I’m seeing more similar reports…

@MoronCore, which Stonehearth version were you playing? Am I right to assume that your savefile is from the same version and not from a previous one?

@sdee, do you think it’s an issue of corrupted savefiles? I’m seeing some reports of save / load problems recently. Still catching up. Just 50 more topics and I’ll be up to date >_<


@Relyss, it’s certainly possible, but I haven’t seen too many yet. @MoronCore, if you’re on A11, you’re welcome to send the save to and we can see what’s up.


I figured it out
After saving, I would quit the game instead of exit to menu, and that made the save not work. I am now able to save normally and recall old saves.
Thanks for the cool game!


good to hear its fixed for you @MoronCore, though its still an odd behavior that shouldnt be happening… @sdee do you think this case should just be closed, or should further inspection happen before tagging it as resolved.

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I’d like to see if anyone else is experiencing this behavior. I wasn’t able to reproduce it here, but we definitely want to know if someone is generating corrupt save files.


@MoronCore How were you quitting the game? Did you press the red X in the window? Or click on the quit game button in the esc menu? This seems like a case where the game should be able to warn you that you’re not done saving yet.


I’m having a problem with loading a save file with the newest update for people playing Stonehearth in Beta Mode. I saved a file and wanted to load it up, but it crashes the game all together. This is from Develop 2594.

Hi @FireballKupa
Can you upload your stonehearth.log so we can take a look?
Thank you,

P.S. just in case, directions for getting to stonehearth.log:
Go to Some Technical Stuff – Stonehearth
Scroll down to “Still having problems? Send us some info.”


stonehearth.log (175.9 KB)

I hope this helps. I want to mess around with the new update soon.

Aha! This was the same issue I sent to @Albert earlier. (raise the priority on that bug!)
It appears to be ladder related – might be caused by if you save too soon after building a ladder.

Hopefully will fix soon. Thanks for reporting this!


Oops spoke too soon. It is buildings that are probably doing it. Hmmm … some issue restoring buildings that are mid-build.

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could be, but my bridge that I made was finished. Just the ladders were still there.

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Ladders are definitely involved. So if the ladders are still around, that would be consistent, sadly :<


Well I’m gonna try again with a save that sets me back to the beginning of my game. Thankfully I didn’t do much expect make a bridge from a lake island. I’ll put a reply if I can find a work around with the ladder problem.

Well the Hearthlings don’t wanna remove any of the ladders that are placed when building. It seems that I can’t build any buildings or ladders until this major bug’s fixed.

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hmm… this could be due to something with this fix,

(taken from the patch notes)

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Glad to see the problem’s found. For anyone who’ll read this, the best way to work around this bug is to use the ib cheat from the console commands. Hope it’ll work.

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