Can we have a prioritize jobs

My town is out of food. I selected to harvest the desert fruit. Stopped everyone from mining and the town inventory is full. All the hearthlings are filling the storage which is selected to only hold clay and stone.

They should not be filling the storage but harvesting the fruit. And how do I get them to harvest 2 stone piles so I can mine under them?

Please give us some control over which job the hearthlings prioritize, because the AI doesn’t do what it needs to do for your town to survive.


I think they can’t harvest if your inventory is full, because you simple can’t get more items. The mined resources were already counted, that is probably why they restocked those. Compact your resources into piles, and sell what you don’t need, and stop overproducing (for example, no need for a flower farm if you can simple harvest the wild ones when needed)

Use the harvest tool and drag over them (maybe they will not do it because there is no inventory space, same reason for not harvesting the food) Or you could simple move them out of the way.


For future reference, how do you move stone boulders that can’t be mined under? I had used the harvest tool on them.

I deleted that game and started a new one. I didn’t think to compact the clay and stone. Thanks for that information, next time I’ll try that.

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Oh do you mean the natural boulders? Sorry, I thought you had the stone piles that are craftable. The natural boulders can only be harvested.


yeah, I meant the natural boulders.

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