Campaign ending bug

I’ve restarted my town twice now, each time i defeat Ogo and then afterwards have the last conversation with the red kiln guy an error pops up. On my 1st playthrough no goblin tokens were ever dropped;on my 2nd playthrough some were, unsure sure if that’s related in anyway.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Defeat Ogo by either fighting him or putting the wind chimes down

Expected Results:
On A16 if i remember correctly you’d get the recipe to make the gong after defeating Ogo
Actual Results:
I don’t get the recipe for the gong and everything carries on like i never defeated ogo, goblins and kobolds carry on appearing

Version Number and Mods in use:
the latest version available on steam, 3013

I had this to happen in my game yesterday as well. I can still make the decorative gong but that does not continue the storyline

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It’s slightly annoying though. I started a new town thinking maybe it won’t pop up but at least i’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same bug.

I restarted from an older save about 3 times and couldn’t get rid of it; so I unpacked the LUA source and tried (and failed) to make sense of it.

When you finish the campaign; there’s a “subtype = campaign_mgr:get_subtype(campaign_node_name):” (in “services/server/game_master/game_master_services.lua”) that causes “subtype” to be set to “nil” (probably because “compaign_node_name” wasn’t found?), and then it crashes in about 6 places after that because “subtype” is nil.

I hacked my LUA files (with some “if not (subtype == nil) then …” around the lines that used “subtype” and crashed) to stop the errors without really knowing the potential consequences; and everything seems fine so far. As far as I can tell most of the code I’ve touched is just “over-engineered and inefficient bloat of layers calling layers calling layers” that does nothing particularly important at the end of the maze anyway.

Note that the blacksmith seems to know the first gong recipe from the beginning (it’s not a reward from the campaign that failed to finish). The first “gong quest” always takes a while to start (I’m not sure what triggers it - maybe reaching a certain kingdom value), and I think/hope it will start sooner or later for all of us (with or without the error from the previous campaign); but it hasn’t started yet for me.

Thanks for the bug report! Some changes to the game master caused some node names to be set to the incorrect value, so it isn’t able to set the campaign to be completed.

A fix for this will be in the next unstable build.

Unfortunately, this will cause the orc war to have problems starting on your current save, because one of the requirements is for the goblin campaign to be complete. If you download the debugtools mod, you can trigger the campaign manually to skip the goblin campaign completion check. Open up the campaign browser:

Under orc_war click the words wait_to_start and then click Trigger Now on the window that pops up

Let me know if you have any questions!


Here’s some instructions for the debugtools.